Special Thanks

since 2007

We have been given great support from many people. We will focus on development without forgetting those support never. Thank you very much for all the people who gave us support and thank you once again for the kindness of some of you below.

  • Akihiro Nozaki (Mathematician)
  • Masafumi Nakane
  • Daisuke Oshima (Composer)
  • Hideo Inami (Composer)
  • Toshitsugu Yamamoto (Guitarist)
  • Nozomu Kumagai (Bassist)
  • Hikaru Komamura (Guitarist)
  • Hiroshi Okamoto (Guitarist)
  • Tatsuyuki Yoshimatsu (Composer)
  • Masaki Mizusato (Composer)
  • Kotori (Composer)
  • Natsumechita (Composer)
  • Masaya Watanabe (Composer)
  • Saken Ichikabe (Composer)
  • Mush (Composer)
  • Karu (Composer)
  • Kohrogi (Composer)
  • Syota Yamamoto (Composer)
  • Hinoji (Composer)
  • AuroraSample (Sampling Library developer)