Vintage Humbucker Guitar V1

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GUI of Vintage Humbucker Guitar V1 for Kontakt

Main feature

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Realize the guitar arrangement you imaginedwith minimal effort

Vintage Humbucker Guitar V1.5 makes it easy to compose guitar arrangements just like playing guitar. Arpeggio mode that you can play the arpeggio with press keys with your left hand and playing with your right hand. Rhythm mode which can easily compose the rhythm guitar with slide, hammer-on, pull-off. Not only is the recorded chords significantly increased, but also a real chord mode that can simulate the chord strum by analyzing the chord that it pressed keys and playing strum. Further simulated chord mode simulating the behavior of each string. Riff mode which can easily compose guitar riffs.

Of course, polyphonic mode in which the mechanism of general guitar sound library and versatile articulations are recorded, and mono mode which is useful for compose such as guitar solos are also included.

Currently V 1.5 is beta version.

Size of samples

Junk Guitar0.9
0.57 GB
Vintage Humbucker GuitarV1.5
3.2 GB

Velocity layer

1 Layer
6 Layer(Max)
Junk Guitar0.9 Vintage Humbucker GuitarV1.5

More naturally with a large addition of samples

Junk Guitar for Kontakt, which was released free of charge, was a solid tone with only one layer, so the available scenes were sometimes limited. However, in Vintage Humbucker Guitar V1, by adding a velocity layer greatly, it is possible to reproduce from soft, natural sound to hard and intense sound. Clean and crunch are also yours. Also, in V1.5, the type of chord strum has been greatly added.

Advanced functions and simple operability

7 modes of "Monophonic", "Polyphonic", "Chord (real)", "Chord (simulation)", "Arpeggio", "Rhythm" and "Riff" are internally highly advanced and complicated processing, It is designed to be simple. It is designed to be familiar to you as soon as you start using it.

Modes×Articulations×Velocity Layers×Strums=

About 3,000Samples


Monophonic Mode

In Monophonic mode, once you press a key, it continues to sound the sample until the next note or stop noise. This is a mechanism close to the actual guitar playing style, it is suitable for composing guitar solos and riffs.


Polyphonic Mode

Polyphonic mode is the most standard mode. Even for phrases with more than two notes of simultaneous sounding, combining versatile articulations with key switches will produce a vivid guitar sound.


Fujiya Instruments Vintage Humbucker Guitar is also used in professionals.

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Vintage Humbucker Guitar is lightweight, yet offers a great quality sound. But what makes me feel more attractive than that is that the sound and the vividness of the nuance can be obtained with a very simple operation. Especially usability of the simulated chord mode should be experienced. These features make it possible to shape the idea in a shorter time and from the guitarist who received it as a demo it is said to be "very easy to understand the nuances" and the work afterwards will be very smooth. Like me, "Record guitar on a recording studio and replace it" It is also a recommended guitar sound library for such creators.

Masaya Watanabe

  • Saxophone and flute player, composer, arranger, orchestrator.
photo of Kohrogi
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I like the simplicity of Fujiya Instruments Vintage Humbucker Guitar. Thanks to it, it is easy-to-use and it's usage of CPU is light. It is easy to process because it's sound is clean and natural. My favorite useful functions are variations of mute sounds, automatically alternate picking system, automatically legato system.

Shunichi Korogi

  • I am a composer , arranger, and blogger. I play musical instruments such as the guitar, the base, the keyboard. I create songs, arrangements of Vocaloid's songs, and BGMs of televisions, stages, application, and games.
photo of Shino
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If asked " is there a guitar library you would recommend? " so, I answer that it is Fujiya Instruments Vintage Humbucker Guitar without the hesitation. Because I introduced Fujiya Instruments Vintage Humbucker Guitar, the possibility of my music creating spread surely. The excellence of this library is not only the sound quality. Because there is a point of " it is possible to use easily at once ", it became the only guitar library I use. Several years have passed since I began to use Fujiya Instruments Vintage Humbucker Guitar. I think that it keeps the possibility I don't still know.

Mizuki Shinohara

  • I have been educated music since childhood and I began Computer-based music creation from 10-year-old. I belong to game music creation group, Angel Note from 2011. Also, I am the author of free drum library, Shino Drums.


Category Virtual electric guitar instrument for Kontakt
Instrument Humbucking pickup guitar
(STR Guitars)
System requirements
  • Kontakt 5.8 and above
    (Kontakt Player does not support this library.)
  • Amp simulator
Kontakt 5.8 and above compatible
Kontakt Player not compatible
Komplete 8 Ultimate and above compatible
Komplete 8 and above compatible
Komplete Elements not compatible
Size of samples about 3.2GB
Sampling rate 24bit 44.1kHz
amount of samples about 3,000
Articulation list Downstroke/ Upstroke/ Single note sustain/ Single note realtime legato slide/ Single note realtime hammer-on & pull-off/ Single note palm-mute(soft & hard)/ Single ghost note/ Pinch harmonics/ Natural harmonics/ Picking tremolo/ Trill/ Chop(extra attacks)/ 5th-dyad chord sustain/ 5th-dyad chord realtime legato slide/ 5th-dyad chord palm-mute/ 4th-dyad chord sustain/ 4th-dyad chord realtime legato slide/ 4th-dyad chord palm-mute/ Octave-dyad chord sustain/ Octave-dyad chord realtime legato slide/ Quarter bend/ Unison bend/ Hand stop noise/ Pick stop noise/ Glissando(down & up)/ Scrape/ Chord stroke(Major, Minor, 7th, sus4)/ Chord ghost note
  • Monophonic mode
  • Polyphonic mode
  • Real chord mode(Major/Major6th/Major7th/Major7th sus4/Major9th/Major69th/Major Add9th/Minor/Minor6th/Minor7th/Minor7th-5th/Minor7th11th/Minor9th/Minor69th/MinorMajor7th/7th/7th-5th/7th-9th/7th-13th/7th+5th/7th+9th/7th+11th/7th9th/7th13th/7th sus4/dim7th/sus4)
  • Simulate chord mode
  • Arpeggio mode
  • Rhythm mode
  • Riff mode
Velocity Layer 6 (Max)
MIDI data of demo songs
  • Antihero Man
  • Castle of Applique
  • Daring Days
  • Mantis Pattern
  • Rockro Chronicle
  • ZIGZAg

Product comparison

for EXS LE for Kontakt V1.5 for Kontakt
Samples Minimum for EXS + Chord strum LE + Velocity layer
Polyphonic mode
Monophonic mode
Real chord mode
Simulate chord mode
Arpeggio mode
Rhythm mode
Riff mode
Chord strum Major / Minor / sus4 / 7th All All
Chord detection
Auto stroke
Realtime legato, slide, hammer-on, and pull-off
Advanced KSP program



PressKit PressKit (ZIP)


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  • To use this product, you need a product version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher. Kontakt Player only works in demo mode with limited time.
  • Since this product is DI recording, a amplifier simulator is required.
  • Depending on the environment, higher performance PCs may be required. We will not guarantee problems caused by the environment.
  • Depending on the problem caused by DAW and plug-in other than this product, this product may not operate properly. We will not guarantee the operation in that case.
  • For troubles caused by this product, we will offer updates sequentially free of charge.
  • Prices may be revised from time to time as a result of currency fluctuations or other reasons. Please be forewarned.
  • For decompression software, please use Keka if you use Mac, 7-Zip if you use Win.