Vintage Humbucker Guitar LE

The definitive edition of an introductory guitar sound library

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Ideal for the first guitar sound library

  • Vintage style of humbucking pickup sound
  • Selected samples of humbacking guitar are included
  • All the articulations of guitar are included
  • Advanced KSP Program
  • Hammer-on, Pull-off and slide with real time legato
  • Code detection function
  • An upgrade to V1 is also available

Many articulations and simple operability

Various articulations are included in each of the three modes of "monophonic", "polyphonic", and "chord", and further down stroke and up stroke are included in each articulations, which can be freely controlled with a key switch is possible. And stable KSP program operation is realized.

In addition, you can start using the user interface that the position and status of the key switches can be checked at a glance immediately without referring to the manual.

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Monophonic Mode

In monophonic mode, once sound is generated, the sample is played to the end until the next note or stop noise is played. This is a mechanism of pronunciation close to the actual guitar playing style, it is suitable for guitar solos and riffs.

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Polyphonic Mode

Polyphonic mode is the most standard mode. Even for phrases with more than two notes of simultaneous sounding, combining versatile articulations with key switches will produce a vivid guitar sound.

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Chord Mode

In chord mode of LE 1.5, there are abundant kinds of chord strums that are exactly equivalent to V1.5. Also, since the chord detection function is installed, the appropriate chord is automatically selected by merely suppressing keys.


Fujiya Instruments Vintage Humbucker Guitar is also used in professionals.

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An electric guitar has many articulations such as hammer-on, bend, gliss, tremolo, trill, etc. You needed to a lot of efforts and professional knowledge to simulate playing a guitar by MIDI. However, you can simulate it easily by keyswitch if you use Fujiya Instruments Vintage Humbucker Guitar for Kontakt.

Tatsuyuki Yoshimatsu


Category Virtual electric guitar instrument for Kontakt
Instrument Humbucking pickup guitar
(STR Guitars)
System requirements
  • Kontakt 5.8 and above
    (Kontakt Player does not support this library.)
  • Amp Simulator
Kontakt 5.8以降 compatible
Kontakt Player not compatible
Komplete 8 Ultimate 以降 compatible
Komplete 8 以降 compatible
Komplete Elements not compatible
Size of samples 1.7GB
Sampling rate 44.1kHz(24bit)
Articulation list Downstroke/ Upstroke/ Single note sustain/ Single note realtime legato slide/ Single note realtime hammer-on & pull-off/ Single note palm-mute(soft & hard)/ Single ghost note/ Pinch harmonics/ Natural harmonics/ Picking tremolo/ Trill/ Chop(extra attacks)/ 5th-dyad chord sustain/ 5th-dyad chord realtime legato slide/ 5th-dyad chord palm-mute/ 4th-dyad chord sustain/ 4th-dyad chord realtime legato slide/ 4th-dyad chord palm-mute/ Octave-dyad chord sustain/ Octave-dyad chord realtime legato slide/ Quarter bend/ Unison bend/ Hand stop noise/ Pick stop noise/ Glissando(down & up)/ Scrape/ Chord stroke/ Chord ghost note
  • Monophonic mode
  • Polyphonic mode
  • Real chord mode(Major/Major6th/Major7th/Major7th sus4/Major9th/Major69th/Major Add9th/Minor/Minor6th/Minor7th/Minor7th-5th/Minor7th11th/Minor9th/Minor69th/MinorMajor7th/7th/7th-5th/7th-9th/7th-13th/7th+5th/7th+9th/7th+11th/7th9th/7th13th/7th sus4/dim7th/sus4)
MIDI data of demo songs
  • Daring Days
  • Mantis Pattern

Product comparison

for EXS LE for Kontakt V1.5 for Kontakt
Samples Minimum for EXS + Chord strum LE + Velocity layer
Polyphonic mode
Monophonic mode
Real chord mode
Simulate chord mode
Arpeggio mode
Rhythm mode
Riff mode
Chord strum Major / Minor / sus4 / 7th All All
Chord detection
Auto stroke
Realtime legato, slide, hammer-on, and pull-off
Advanced KSP program



Manual 1.5 Manual (PDF) Manual (PDF)


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