Organic Bass Suite

Ultimate bass sound

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High Quality, and Reality

  • Fujiya Instruments Organic Bass Suite is a high quality sample library for Kontakt.
  • Many articulations are included.
  • High-end electric fingered bass sound
  • Advanced KSP Program

Two patches for fingered

Organic Fingered Bass has two patches. One is buzz and the other is normal.

String selector

Organic Bass Suite has each strings' samples. You can select a string by keyswitchs or auto select.


Slide, Hammer-on and Pull-off

If you play legato, auto detector selects a suitable sample.


Finger selector

There are index, middle, alternate in fingered.


Stroke selector

There are down, up and alternate in picked.


Finger selector

There are Thumb down, Thumb up and Pull in slapped.


One Shot

If one shot is on, note-off doesn't stop sound. If one shot is off, note-off stops sound.


Various sounds with Amp simulators

We recommend Plugin Alliance bassdude, Positive Grid BIAS FX, BIAS AMP, Overloud Mark Studio 2 and Softube Bass Amp Room. We will be grateful if you could confirm them.


Organic Bass Suite is highly valued by professionals.

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Organic Fingered Bass has very carefully constructed velocity layers. Also, Legato's glissando provides vivid nuances. Since it can be operated with simple operation, the work efficiency is high, and the freshness of the idea can be kept. Because it is very high quality, it has the ability to use creating commercial music and it is also ideal for a demonstration to give to a professional bassist in a recording studio.

Masaya Watanabe

  • Saxophonist, Flute player, Composer, Orchestrator
  • As a multi-lead player with a focus on saxophone, performing live and recording.
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Fujiya Instruments Organic Fingered Bass is natural sounds, convenience, and the operability is better than any bass library to have been using so far. Especially I am delighted with the feature to play automatically with the glissando when I play legato. The script is wonderful. I feel very glad that I cooperated with as a graphic designer.

Yuya Kamijyo

  • Composer, Arranger
  • Representative of AuroraSample
  • in charge of GUI of Fujiya Instruments Organic Fingered Bass and Slapped Bass
picture of Yoshimatsu
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Because the fingered electric bass guitar is a musical instrument with very high use frequency, the high quality but being light touch and being stable are the big advantage of Fujiya Instruments Organic Fingered Bass. Usual patch provides an excellent performance by the even tone. Then, because the Buzz patch is the realistic sound to have contained a lot of buzz of the string. The choice of lyrical bossa nova and an intense rock to have adjusted them to the arrangement of the music is possible. There are two kinds of the speed of the slide and as for the rich glissando, the degree of freedom is high like a just genuine bass. It makes the best sound according to the various tempos and the status. It became one of the libraries which start up first by initiating a new project now. It is the essential best partner of making a music, isn't it?

Tatsuyuki Yoshimatsu


Category Virtual electric fingered, picked and slapped bass guitar instrument for Kontakt
Instrument Celinder Aura4
System requirements
  • Kontakt 5.8 and above
    (Kontakt Player does not support this library.)
  • Amp simulator
Kontakt 5.8 and above compatible
Kontakt Player not compatible
Komplete 8 Ultimate and above compatible
Komplete 8 and above compatible
Komplete Elements not compatible
Size of samples about 8.8GB
Sampling rate 24bit 44.1kHz
Number of samples about 3,800
Articulation list Single note sustain(index, middle, down, up)/ Single mute(index, middle, down, up)/ Single note realtime hammer-on & pull-off/ Single note realtime legato slide/ Natural harmonics/ Glissando(down & up)/ Hand noise/ Hand stop noise
  • Mono mode
Velocity layer 4(Max)
MIDI Yoshimatsu Demo (Organic Fingered Bass) / Electric Spark (Organic Slapped Bass)



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