Organic Picked Bass for Kontakt

a high quality picked electric bass guitar library

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High Quality, and Reality

  • Fujiya Instruments Organic Picked Bass is a high quality sample library for Kontakt.
  • Many articulations are included.
  • High-end electric picked bass sound
  • Advanced KSP Program

String selector

Organic Picked Bass has each strings' samples. You can select a string by keyswitchs or auto select.


Slide, Hammer-on and Pull-off

If you play legato, auto detector selects a suitable sample.


Stroke selector

There are down, up and alternate.


One Shot

If one shot is on, note-off doesn't stop sound. If one shot is off, note-off stops sound.


Various sounds with Amp simulators

We recommend Plugin Alliance bassdude, Positive Grid BIAS FX, BIAS AMP, Overloud Mark Studio 2 and Softube Bass Amp Room. We will be grateful if you could confirm them.


Category Virtual electric picked bass guitar instrument for Kontakt
Instrument Celinder Aura4
System requirements
  • Kontakt 5.8 and above
    (Kontakt Player does not support this library.)
  • Amp simulator
Size of samples 4.1GB
Sampling rate 24bit 44.1kHz
Articulation list Single note sustain(down, up)/ Single mute(down, up)/ Ghost note(down, up)/ Single note realtime hammer-on & pull-off/ Single note realtime legato slide/ Natural harmonics/ Glissando(down & up)/ Hand noise/ Hand stop noise/ Release noise
  • Mono mode
Velocity layer 4(Max)



Manual Manual(PDF)


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