Vintage Humbucker Guitar for EXS24

an electric guitar library for Logic users.

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High quality guitar sound for Logic

High quality samples of Junk Guitar (0.9 series), which is a special sound library for Kontakt, were ported to the EXS24. Every Logic user can experience Junk Guitar's gorgeous guitar sound.

Many articulations

Sustain, Palm-Mute, Slide, Gliss, Pinch Harmonics, Natural Harmonics and more.

Easy switching of articulations with key switches

Switch articulations with MIDI notes.

Monophonic mode, Polyphonic mode, and Chord mode

There are three modes.


Category Virtual electric guitar instrument for EXS24
Instrument Humbucking pickup guitar
(STR Guitars)
System requirements
  • Logic (EXS24)
  • Amp Simulator
Size of samples 1.4GB
Sampling rate 44.1kHz(24bit)
Articulation list Downstroke/ Upstroke/ Single Note Sustain/ Single Note Palm-Mute/ Single Ghost Note/ Single Note Hammer-On & Pull-Off/ Single Note Slide/ Pinch Harmonics/ Natural Harmonics/ Picking Tremolo/ Trill/ Chop(Extra Attacks)/ 5th-dyad chord sustain/ 5th-dyad chord Slide/ 5th-dyad chord palm-mute/ 4th-dyad chord sustain/ 4th-dyad chord Slide/ 4th-dyad chord palm-mute/ Octave-dyad chord sustain/ Octave-dyad chord Slide/ Quarter Bend/ Unison Bend/ Glissando(Down & Up)/ Pick Scrape/ Chord Stroke(Major, Minor, 7th, sus4)/ Chord Ghost note
  • Monophonic mode
  • Polyphonic mode
  • Chord stroke mode(Major/Minor/7th/sus4)
MIDI data of demo songs (Guitar Only)
  • Survival Game
  • Iromoa
  • Onagan
  • OdiAkkoh

Product comparison

for EXS LE for Kontakt V1.5 for Kontakt
Samples Minimum for EXS + Chord strum LE + Velocity layer
Polyphonic mode
Monophonic mode
Real chord mode
Simulate chord mode
Arpeggio mode
Rhythm mode
Riff mode
Chord strum Major / Minor / sus4 / 7th All All
Chord detection
Auto stroke
Realtime legato, slide, hammer-on, and pull-off
Advanced KSP program


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