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Main feature

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Free electric guitar library for all Kontakt users

Junk Guitar Free contains a monophonic mode for riffs and guitar solos, a polyphonic mode with a general mechanism, and a chord mode containing four types of chords.


Monophonic mode

In monophonic mode, once you press a key, it continues to sound the sample until the next note or stop noise. This is close to the actual guitar playing style, it is suitable for guitar solos and riffs.



Polyphonic mode is the most standard mode.


Category Virtual electric guitar instrument for Kontakt
Instrument Humbucking pickup guitar
(STR Guitars)
System requirements
  • Kontakt 5.8 and above
    (Kontakt Player does not support this library.)
  • Amp simulator
Kontakt 5.8 and above compatible
Kontakt Player not compatible
Komplete 8 Ultimate and above compatible
Komplete 8 and above compatible
Komplete Elements not compatible
Size of samples about 570MB
Sampling rate 24bit 44.1kHz
amount of samples数 about 500
Articulation list Downstroke/ Upstroke/ Single note sustain/ Single note realtime legato slide/ Single note realtime hammer-on & pull-off/ Single note palm-mute(soft & hard)/ Single ghost note/ Pinch harmonics/ Natural harmonics/ Picking tremolo/ Trill/ Chop(extra attacks)/ 5th-dyad chord sustain/ 5th-dyad chord realtime legato slide/ 5th-dyad chord palm-mute/ 4th-dyad chord sustain/ 4th-dyad chord realtime legato slide/ 4th-dyad chord palm-mute/ Octave-dyad chord sustain/ Octave-dyad chord realtime legato slide/ Quarter bend/ Unison bend/ Hand stop noise/ Pick stop noise/ Glissando(down & up)/ Scrape/ Chord stroke(Major, Minor, 7th, sus4)/ Chord ghost note
  • Monophonic mode
  • Polyphonic mode
  • Real chord mode(Major/sus4/Minor/7th)




  • To use this product, you need a product version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher. Kontakt Player only works in demo mode with limited time.
  • Since this product is DI recording, a amplifier simulator is required.
  • Depending on the environment, higher performance PCs may be required. We will not guarantee problems caused by the environment.
  • Depending on the problem caused by DAW and plug-in other than this product, this product may not operate properly. We will not guarantee the operation in that case.
  • For troubles caused by this product, we will offer updates sequentially free of charge.
  • Prices may be revised from time to time as a result of currency fluctuations or other reasons. Please be forewarned.
  • For decompression software, please use Keka if you use Mac, 7-Zip if you use Win.